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Catering Policies

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  • All catering orders are to be paid in full and placed at least 24 hours in advance or further of desired pickup time. (Loft18 does not deliver). 

  • Pickup time will be designated and Loft18 will notify the customer when the order is fully ready. 

  • If the order is cancelled (24) hours or more in advance of the designated pickup time, Loft18 will issue a full refund to the customer (100%). 

  • If the order is cancelled within the first (10) hours of the 24 hour pickup window, the customer will be entitled to a (70%) refund; the remaining (30%) is reserved to Loft18 to cover food, labor and other preparation costs. 

  • If the order is cancelled outside of the first (10) hour window, i.e. the remaining (14) hours prior to the scheduled pickup time, Loft18 reserves the right to the full amount charged to the customer per the order, 0% refund to the customer. 

  • For any questions or concerns please email:

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