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Recently received a Loft18 Club VIP card? Awesome! Welcome to the Crew! We decided to roll these out to our select Corporate Partners and Business Associates as a way to keep in touch, while at the same time giving back to you for supporting our business. It is greatly appreciated

Like any card, we had to stipulate a few things just so that there is no confusion with our Staff, but if there is ever a question please don't hesitate to reach out to us directly at

Please see below a few simple guidelines when using our VIP discounts:

  • All Loft18 VIP cards are in digital format (picture file PNG), please keep and save on your phone for easy reference.

  • If you have a received a "company" VIP card, a valid company business card or company I.D. must be shown to a Server or Manager in tandem with the VIP card, in order to receive your discount.

  • VIP cards cannot be combined with any other discounts, gift certificates, gift cards or promotional discounts such as "Happy Hour" discounts or "Late Night" specials.

  • VIP cards are valid at all locations.

  • Loft18 reserves the right to terminate the VIP card at any time. This notification, if prompted, will be displayed on this page for all representatives to see and for Staff to verify.

  • All Loft18 VIP cards are attached to a specific bar code number, any attempt of producing a fraudulent ID will result in barring that customer from further business. All cards can be verified by bar-code on-site by Management.

Thanks for being awesome - we are excited to mix it up with you - and we hope that you enjoy your time and experience with us!


Loft18 Team

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