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Sip Sport Socialize (Loft18 tagline)
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"Hole Lotta Love!"

LOFT18 is an interactive "Sports Bar & Grill" designed for year-round, all-weather, day-or-night golf play & multi-sport action with good ole' fashioned hospitality & service.

Our custom-built, Full Swing Golf Simulation BAYS feature games & championship courses that deliver precision play at its finest to golfers of all experience levels. But you don’t have to love golf (or play like a pro) to have a good time at LOFT18. We’re all about kicked-back, Happy Hour style socializing & networking. LOFT18’s full-service restaurant, bar & lounge offers gastro-pub fare, craft beer and cocktails, and that only-in-New Orleans’ style of easy-going, effortless service and hospitality.

MISSION: Improve your game. Enjoy your life.

LOFT18 is setting the course for a new generation of entertainment. We deliver the ultimate indoor hospitality experience - complete with award winning multi-sport Simulators and a new "vibe-dining" Sports Bar cuisine. 

Loft18 staff


Loft18 Simulators Full Swing

 custom fullswing simulators 

 (golf - soccer - football - dodgeball - sports viewing & more!) 


 3 Friends with a DREAM 

Loft18 was a concept dreamt-up by long-time local New Orleans’ friends Greg Whitman/CEO, Ty Duet/COO & Brett Gaudet/PartnerWith backgrounds in Entertainment, Sales and Hospitality and a fervent love for the game of golf, it was only a matter of time before the idea of an interactive Restaurant/Bar/Lounge converged. Recognizing an untapped niche in the hospitality industry, Loft18 took shape, culminating in the grand opening of our "flagship" location in Metairie, Louisiana in 2017. Now, boasting 3 thriving locations, Loft18 is poised for expansion in other major markets. The journey has just begun, and we're teeing up for an exciting future!



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