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Safety Rules

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  • ​Only 1 person is allowed on the designated black hitting mat inside of the stall (hitting area), during play. There is a "pony wall" that divides the seating area from the hitting area

  • When swinging the club, please stay within the green swinging zone.


  • The frontal projection screen is the only direction that players should be swinging towards. If players are seen swinging and/or aiming the ball in other directions, Loft18 reserves the right to stop play without granting a refund (The same applies to throwing clubs and balls as well).

  • No running starts when driving the golf ball (i.e. Happy Gilmore).

  • No golf shoes and/or spikes


  • After your turn swinging, please put the club back into the designated bag area or hand it over to the next player. Do not leave clubs lying on the floor (Trip hazard).

  • All parents or legal guardians with children are responsible for making sure that the above rules are enforced. (Loft18 is not responsible for monitoring underage children).


  • Drinking or eating is not allowed in the actual hitting area; the seating area is specifically designated for these purposes.

  • If any "player" shows signs of being overly intoxicated, a Loft18 representative may issue a warning, but he or she will reserve the right to stop and/or refuse the allowance of "play" for the safety of the surrounding customers.



Loft18 has the right to stop and/or refuse the allowance of "play" to customers that do not follow these rules.

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